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Immerse Yourself in the Sound of Surfers Paradise Live!

Surfers Paradise Live 1
Posted in Local Events at 25 November, 2015

Experience three days of feels and great music brought to you by some of Australia's rising bands today. The popular music festival dubbed as Surfers Paradise Live is splashing in a big, big way on the foreshores of the Gold Coast once again! Immerse your...

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Summer Care Reminders for a Healthy Gold Coast Vacation

Blue Water Bay 003
Posted in Accommodation at 25 November, 2015

Are you and your family looking forward to hitting the great outdoors and bask in the beauty ocean waves? The feel of warm sands and the whispering cool breeze surely sound inviting. Well, a trip to the Southport Gold Coast is what you need to satisfy you...

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Share Your Gold Coast Experience Instantly with Our Wifi

Posted in Accommodation at 25 October, 2015

On the Gold Coast, you're bound to go ecstatic on just about every tourist destination you'll go to. In fact, there's always something for every mood, character, and even whim on the region that deserves the rightful title of the Coast with the Most. Hop...

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Wade in The Rockpools Water Playground

Rockpools Hero
Posted in Local Attractions at 08 October, 2015

Perhaps the reason why The Little Mermaid wanted a pair of feet so much was because she didn't have any and she would like to know how it felt to walk on dry land. So perhaps, in return, that's also the reason why kids would get excited upon seeing water...

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Dip in Saltwater Pool for your Wellness

Blue Water Bay 027
Posted in Accommodation at 28 September, 2015

Swimming is good for the health. It's a great way to exercise since your body moves against the water, thus, it gives you strength to and tones your muscles. It also builds endurance and keeps your cardiovascular system well. But did you know that if you...

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Shop like Never Before on the Gold Coast

Brickworks Centre
Posted in Local Attractions at 08 September, 2015

What's truly amazing with shopping is that it doesn't matter where you are. As long as there are places to shop in, you can go and purchase anything that interests you as long as you have the budget. So on your trip to Broadwater soon, worry not, there ar...

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Three Scuba Diving Sites in Southport

Diving The Gold Coast
Posted in Local Attractions at 26 August, 2015

Why do people try and most love scuba diving? Because there's no competition, but there's a rewarding and exciting feeling after the adventure. Plus, you'll get to see up close and personal interesting creatures and beautiful and uncommon plants underwate...

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Play the Detective on the Gold Coast

The Escape Hunt Experience
Posted in Local Events at 06 August, 2015

There's something exhilarating about watching mysteries unfold, much more if you'll act as a real gumshoe, actually looking for clues and solving puzzles to escape before the time runs out. The Escape Hunt Experience has reached the Gold Coast since Decem...

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4 Things to on the Gold Coast

 bringing you close to all the attractions in Southport
Posted in Local Attractions at 30 July, 2015

You'll never run out of things to do on the Gold Coast. Below is an easy 4 step guide on how to enjoy your Gold Coast holiday. Step 1: Attractions and activities From thrilling theme parks to stunning natural beaches, attractions on the Gold Coast are abu...

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Have a Grand Adventure with Your Friends on the Gold Coast

Blue Water Bay 024
Posted in Accommodation at 09 July, 2015

The Gold Coast remains as one of the best places for an exciting holiday for you and your friends. An epic adventure awaits you and your friends on the Gold Coast. From delectable restaurants, hip and trendy night spots, and sun-kissed golden shorelines,...

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